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The Chau Family is Back in Singapore

by Joan

May 17, 2017 Dear Pastor Perdue, We are have slowly adjusted to life in Singapore.  The children are back to doing homeschooling at the church each morning.  They are enjoying getting to know their new culture in Singapore. Last night Benjie finally ate a fish head!  Well he ate the cheeks of a fish head.  […]

Richie and Missy Orrick to Wales

by First Baptist

In Wales, a post-Christian nation, the fastest growing religion is Islam.  77% of the 3,000,000 in Wales claim no religion whatsoever, and most are unfamiliar or resistant to Christianity. Richie and Missy Orrick served previously as missionaries to Wales and are now on deputation with a plan to return to the country by Summer 2018, […]

Pray for Continuing Revival

by First Baptist

Although it hardly seems possible, the revival meetings at First Baptist have now come and gone.  But the memories will be with us as well as the challenges to service, steadfastness, and separation brought by Evangelist Mark Herbster. The Herbsters will be ministering nearby in Lewes, Delaware next week.  We need to hold them up […]

Phil and Vala Long to Madagascar

by First Baptist

Phil served on staff at Baptist Temple in Springfield, MO while completing his education at Baptist Bible College. During this time, he served in a variety ministries; from youth to young adult, and the bus ministry.  Phil surrendered to the mission field in the fall of 2000.  He felt the Lord burdening his heart for […]

Aaron and Chrissie McNeff to Argentina

by First Baptist

Aaron and Chrissie McNeff are graduates of Baptist Bible College and were approved as misisonaries in May of 2014.  They served an internship at High Street Baptist in Springfield MO.  They have two teenage children, Trey and Kiley. The McNeffs plan to go to Argentina.  They believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that God […]

The Day Jesus Died

by First Baptist

All across America, and in many parts of the world, people set aside last Friday to remember the death of Jesus Christ. Schools were closed, government offices were closed, and stores had BIG sales on Easter clothes and candy. It was “Good Friday”. Isn’t it interesting that it’s called “Good Friday”? The day is supposed […]

15 Goals for 2015

by First Baptist

The Lord has given us another year, Though some have gone and are no longer here. The blessings have been flowing; Our gratitude is showing, Because our Savior promised to be near. A new year is upon us once again. The world around is still is filled with sin, So it should be our Mission […]

Still No Room for Jesus

by First Baptist

In our text, we read about the birth of Jesus Christ and that, when they arrived in Bethlehem, there was “…no room for them in the inn.” We’ll first consider the Christmas Story and then look at 4 other areas of our lives and today’s world that still have No Room for Jesus.  1.  No Room […]

5 Reasons You Should Attend Our Church

by First Baptist

A young lady visited our church recently on the recommendation of her former Pastor. She had lived in another city in Delaware and, when her Pastor learned that she was planning to move to Milford, he recommended First Baptist Church. It was my privilege to visit with her and tell her about our church this […]

I’m Thankful

by First Baptist

I’m thankful for the joys of life; For every single blessing. I’m thankful for Your promise To forgive sins I’m confessing. I’m thankful for the strength you give When I am at my weakest. I’m thankful for the Christian friends, Especially for the meekest. I’m thankful for the Savior Who Provided my salvation; Who also […]