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15 Goals for 2015

by First Baptist

The Lord has given us another year, Though some have gone and are no longer here. The blessings have been flowing; Our gratitude is showing, Because our Savior promised to be near. A new year is upon us once again. The world around is still is filled with sin, So it should be our Mission […]

Still No Room for Jesus

by First Baptist

In our text, we read about the birth of Jesus Christ and that, when they arrived in Bethlehem, there was “…no room for them in the inn.” We’ll first consider the Christmas Story and then look at 4 other areas of our lives and today’s world that still have No Room for Jesus.  1.  No Room […]

5 Reasons You Should Attend Our Church

by First Baptist

A young lady visited our church recently on the recommendation of her former Pastor. She had lived in another city in Delaware and, when her Pastor learned that she was planning to move to Milford, he recommended First Baptist Church. It was my privilege to visit with her and tell her about our church this […]