May 17, 2017

Dear Pastor Perdue,

We are have slowly adjusted to life in Singapore.  The children are back to doing homeschooling at the church each morning.  They are enjoying getting to know their new culture in Singapore.
Last night Benjie finally ate a fish head!  Well he ate the cheeks of a fish head.  Tobie is also being adventurious exploring new food.  He is discovering that he does not care too much for Thai food at this point.  Mandie is still adjusting to the heat and misses her friends back in Milford, DE.  Everyone is feeling much better and we are slowly setting up our apartment.
Services at Victory Baptist Church has been encouraging.  We already have plans for a Homecoming service on May 28, 2017.  Dr. Dennis and Mrs. Francis Bellew will be our guess for that service.  You met Dr. Bellew a few years back when we were just starting out on deputation.  He was teaching at Atlantic Coast Bible College for Pastor C. K. White.  He was a fill in pastor at Victory Baptist Church several years ago and the people love him and his wife.  He is filling in for Stephen and Bonnie Burke in Ipoh Malaysia while the Burkes are in the States for furlough.
We praise the Lord that we are able to get to know our neighbors near the church.  We are making friends with a neighbor right next to the church and praying that they will soon visit us during service.  Our neighbors near the apartment are mostly Europeans.  We are praying that we will have more opportunities to meet with them and talk to them.
I was able to meet with a Vietnamese missionary to Vietnam on Monday morning.  He shared with me his ministry and what is going on in Vietnam.  He is also praying for us in Singapore and was an encouragement to me.
We want to share with our FBC family that we love you all, miss you all, and praying for you all.  Thank you for your faithful giving.  Thank you for sending us $6,400 + towards our set up costs.  We have already purchased a couch, two wicker chairs, dining table and chair set, beds for the children and ourselves.  We are finding that if you want something in Singapore you have to shop in different places and hope that they deliver.  Life without a vehicle is taking some getting use to.  We are learning the public tranportation route (which bus number to take to which location and which subway train to which stops).
Love you all,
Son and Stephanie Chau
(Mandie, Tobie, and Benjie)