Recently, we heard a report and preaching from Fredrick Kearney, missionary to Ghana.  The Kearneys have served in Ghana since April 2007.  In January of 2008, they began Lighthouse Baptist Church in Tema, a port city of about 200,000.

Streetvendor in the streets of Accra, Ghana, W...

Streetvendor in the streets of Accra, Ghana, West Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are only about 60 fundamental independent Baptist churches in the whole country of about 27 million people. There are about 15,000 villages still under the oppressive power of Satan, where converts find it challenging to renounce all previously held forms of idolatry.

Since Ghana is in West Africa,  the question of the spread of Ebola in the country came up.  Brother Kearney reported that the virus has not yet spread to Ghana and that the government has imposed tight restrictive measures and border controls.