The foreign demand might take a hit as a result of recessions in major markets — UK Brexit woes in the following decade.

However, the market is predicted to grow regardless of all of this. Sample this, 20% is the average growth rate for land prices for the previous five years in Phuket.

Buy Phuket Property


Why purchase a home in Phuket?

Thailand issues a”retirement visa” for foreigners above 50 years old, even when they continue to be employed within their own country. This has caused a very large demand for property from thieves.

The increasing cost in gas costs is to reflect in airfares to Phuket, Thailand hence it is extremely cheap to visit.

Buy Phuket Property has a booming metropolitan vibe with quality Education, Healthcare and Cosmetic facilities.

Very few countries can boast of such simplicity of purchasing a premium ocean-facing real estate. A typical sea-facing condo costs a million dollars opposed to only 10 million Thai Bahts in Phuket.

The net consequence of the above-mentioned variables is a heightened awareness among potential customers about the advantages of buying Phuket leading to high demands.

The need is going to continue being high leading to high prices that are only low enough for wealthy foreigners to pour in money in a solid and pleasurable investment that can function as a beautiful retirement home also. Many men and women are only waking up to the fact of the fantastic investment opportunity. Unfortunately, the land is a limited resource, so the natives of Phuket need to indulge in a lot more reclamation projects to keep on making money.

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