Kelulut bees can be a subfamily of all stingless bees with significantly more than five hundred species discovered in 32 genera all over the planet (Michener, 2013). 8 9 species out of 1-5 genus of all kelulut parasitic are proven to arise in your Indo-Australian location (Rasmussen, 2013). Tetragonula biroi, Tetragonula laeviceps, Geniotrigona thoracica, along with Heterotrigona items would be the species which can be famous due to their productiveness and also their honey was commercialized. Or even Kelulut honey-bee is just one of that indigenous parasitic bee. In our prior exploration, this honey-bee product or service is understood using a superior level of the anti inflammatory, antiangiogenic, antiinflammatory and antibacterial task, anti inflammatory, anti-diabetes (Diva et al., 2019; Farida et al., 2019; Iqbal et al., 2019; Miyata et al., 2019 ). Bioactive chemicals that are thought acquired from Kelulut honey have gotten greater attention recently within our prior exploration (Rahmawati et al.,” 20-19; Sahlan et al., 20-19; Shafira et al., 2019 ). The book of all kelulut bees has steadily grown in the previous decade by 288 to 1870 books in 2018 (Avila et al., 2018). It’s understood that the protein concentration from the Tetragonula sp. The top financial price, the countless benefits, and also the lack of high-quality standard kelulut bee honey creates this honey more than inclined to become fake.

Kelulut honey is also famous to function as powerless to fulfill up with the psychochemical parameters of current honey expectations, specifically Codex and EU directive (Nordin et al., 2018). Codex can be a benchmark for many honeys right now though it can’t be used appropriately for kelulut honey. In contrast, the EU directive is just special to A. mellifera that’s from the Apini tribe. The specifications are shaped by various physicochemical parameters, a portion which will be diastase receptor action. 

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